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Programme/ Course Desciption

The Magistère Banque Finance Assurance awards a Bachelor's degree in Economics applied by equivalence at the end of its first year and then at the end of the course a Master's degree BFA 2. This is a university course of the "Grandes Ecoles" type with three coherent years of schooling, and up to four years of training with the caesura year

  • The Magistere BFA offers a sufficiently generalist vocational training in financial economics to embrace all areas of financial activity and thorough enough to adapt to the rapidly changing financial systems

  • The special status of the course also allows for a diversity of courses, in first and second year in particular, without any common measure with the traditional university courses of Bachelor and Master
  • Each year, students must complete an internship in order to facilitate their integration into the professional world
  • To ensure that the students of the Magisterium assimilate all the necessary skills, the courses do not compensate each other: they must be validated by module. Students must have a minimum of 10/20 of each module to validate their year